Patient Testimonials

Twins double the bundle of joy that comes with parenthood but with additional responsibilities. And my twin sons continued drenching the bed at night making them more prone to regular sickness. Even after 3 years they suffered from problem of bedwetting and I was worried but only till I took my sons to your clinic. Thanks for your medicines and counseling [to me :)]. I could pick & hug my sons, dry & healthy every morning.
Reema Ambasta - New Delhi
I am thankful to Dr. Manu Gupta and his clinic’s staff members who were supportive at the time I was suffering from blocked ureter due to stuck kidney stone and was in real pain. I would also like to take a chance to express my gratitude to Manu Gupta and his skills as a distinguished urological doctor specialized in ureterscopy; the process through which he treated & cured me.
Rajan Uppal - Gurgaon
Cancer is much feared and I was more than worried about my initial diagnosis of Prostate cancer. I am glad I found you at the SGR hospital and got the life I have now. And millions more thanks for curing me of the disease. God Bless.
Ramneet Jhas - Ambala
The illusive pain in the groin & scrotal area kept me uncomfortable all the while. I could not even bend down properly to pick up things. It was definitely taking a toll. People suggested to get treated for cancer of Kidney, some doctors referred me to spinal care centers, but I am grateful to Dr. Manu Gupta who could correctly diagnose the problem and treat me without giving me any further dread. Thanks a ton doctor Gupta, wish you a healthy life.
Balaram Tomar - Meerut
Some disease just crop up one day and so it happened to me and one day I was found to be suffering from a rare bladder disease. Doctors were in a fix about the actual cause, when I was not able to control the ever increasing pain and discomfort. However, thanks to Dr. Gupta and his expertise that I was diagnosed with Hunner’s Ulcer and treated accordingly. It is such a relief to find the right doctor nd Manu Gupta is obviously the best name of the field. Thanks Doc.
Ramandheer Jaiswal - Gurgaon
I write this to thank the doctor who saved me from raging pain and a lot more troubles. There were 3 stones in my kidney and were big in size. Surgery seemed inevitable. As a second opinion doctor I choose Manu Gupta and am glad to choose him. My kidney stone was treated with Shock Wave Lithotripsy for kidney Stones. I never required a surgery and am leading a good life now. Thanks to you Dr. Gupta.
Jasleen Kaur - Noida


  • Pediatric

    Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is a common problem in children.

  • Bladder

    The bladder is a hollow organ, which stores urine produced...

  • Prostate

    Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a common condition in aging men...

  • Sexual/Infertility

    Erectile Dysfunction is the persistent inability to achieve and maintain...

  • Kidney/Ureter

    The kidneys play an important role in eliminating waste products...

  • Genital

    Scrotal pain is any discomfort of the scrotum or its contents...

  • Robotic

    Robotically-assisted surgery was developed to overcome...