Research & Clinical Trials

Dr. Manu Gupta has authored many scientific papers in both national and international journals of repute.

He wrote a thesis in 1998 on the the role of Tumor Oncogenes BRCA1 and p53 in patients with Breast Cancer.(In collaboration with Institute of Cytology And Preventive Oncology- Submitted to Delhi University). This was one of the first few research projects in this field in India. He is currently a co investigator in three international trials on Prostate and Kidney Cancer.

He is a co guide in two departmental thesis in Urology being submitted to the National Board of Examinations.

  • Protocol: AP311736
    Adjuvant Axitinib treatment of renal cancer: A randomized double blind phase 3 study of Adjuvant Axitinib vs. placebo in subject at high risk of recurrent RCC.
  • Protocol No: CRAD001-2404
    An open-Label, multicenter phase-II study to examine the efficacy and safety of everolimus as second-line therapy in the treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RECORD-4)


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